Contemporary Chickasaw Art Events

Visual Voices: Contemporary Chickasaw Art—Opening Reception

Fri, August 16, 5:00 pm–7:00 pm

Visual Voices: Contemporary Chickasaw Art presents thought provoking, experimental, and critical works by fifteen established and emerging artists whose art confirms a strong continuation of Chickasaw art practices. The participating artists share an interest in certain themes and concepts including nature and humans’ relationships with the land, environmental concerns, place, and belonging (i.e. artists’ connections to their current and historic homelands), the importance of women in Chickasaw culture and society, tribal and personal histories, community life, cross-cultural relationships, personal and collective identities, the preservation, continuation and further development of Chickasaw art traditions, as well as contemporary art practices, aesthetics, or materials.

One of the main characteristics of Visual Voices: Contemporary Chickasaw Art is the individuality and diversity of the artwork’s chosen media, style, and processes. What connects these works is the artists’ strong sense of Chickasaw identity. Among the participating artists are Brenda Kingery, Paul Moore, Kristin Dorsey, Margaret Wheeler, Dustin Mater, Bill Hensley, Norma Howard, Brent Greenwood and others. Visual Voices: Contemporary Chickasaw Art was co-curated by MoCNA chief curator Manuela Well-Off-Man and Karen Whitecotton (Citizen Potawatomi Nation).

Participants Artists
Kristin Dorsey
Brent Greenwood
Bill Hensley
Norma Howard
Brenda Kingery
Dustin Mater
Paul Moore
Margaret Wheeler

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